Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Legal Restrictions on Downloading Music and Videos- myassignmenthelp

Question: Write about theLegal Restrictions on Downloading Music and Videos. Answer: Internet has provided innumerable advantages to the society. The major advantages of Internet include presence of information in every aspect and every field, downloading several files of music, videos, movies, educational documents and many more (Bechle, 2014). However, in spite of providing such tremendous advantages, Internet is often considered as one of the major problems in modern technological world. The files of music, videos and movies are restricted by government in many countries. Entertainment is important for all generations in modern world. It removes the monotony in life. The common types of entertainment include music, videos, and movies. These are mostly provided by the Internet. Internet is one of the most important boons that technology has provided to the world. Individuals can download these entertainment files easily from the Internet (Lertwachara Ayanso, 2015). However, these benefits are often exploited by certain number of people, who have wrong intentions. Illegal acts are involved due to this benefit. Moreover, these are downloaded from pirated sites. This involves in copyright policies. For this particular reason, downloading music and videos are legally restricted in almost all countries. The government has put a ban on the limits of downloading music, videos and movies and this has invited various problems for the modern generation. They are unable to download any more files from the Internet. The government is not wrong in their own terms. It is illegal to download any file from copyright and pirated websites. As per the copyright law, any type of obtaining and distribution of a work that is copyrighted without any type of permission from the copyright holder is absolutely illegal (Waelbroeck, 2013). The main problem has occurred for those individuals, who do not have any kind of wrong intentions. Even these people are suffering due to these legal restrictions. The people, who do their works from these downloaded files of music and videos, are suffering extremely. The government is allowing only those people, who are downloading from non pirated web sites. The files that are downloaded from original sites are often much expensive and not affordable for everyone (Hansen Walden, 2013). The normal people are not unable to download these files. The only way left for them is the copyrighted website. They are bound to download the files from the copyrighted websites for the sake of their job. These types of legal restrict ions have created major problems for these innocent people. These legal restrictions and limitations should be abolished on an immediate basis. Rather there should be restrictions that illegal and unethical files should not be downloaded from the Internet. The restrictions should be abolished without failure (Lertwachara Ayanso, 2015). There should be a legal site that would allow downloading all types of ethical and legal files of music and videos from the Internet. Therefore, from the above discussion it can be concluded that Internet is one of the most important boons that technology has provided to the world. All types of files can be downloaded from Internet easily. However, there are certain people who download several files from the illegal and copyrighted websites. There are restrictions that are set legally on the downloading of music and videos. All people do not download such files with wrong intentions and rather they do so for their job purpose. These restrictions should be abolished on an immediate basis. References Bechle, T. (2014).eMusic-Legal issues concerning downloading music over the Internet(Doctoral dissertation, University of Cape Town). Hansen, J. M., Walden, E. (2013). The role of restrictiveness of use in determining ethical and legal awareness of unauthorized file sharing. Lertwachara, K., Ayanso, A. (2015). Online Digital Music Piracy: Legal and Managerial Perspectives. Waelbroeck, P. (2013). Digital music: economic perspectives.

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